Your Band Is Your Business

I guess most bands don’t really approach their creative process with business in mind, but really it’s killing two birds with one stone. Work smarter not harder. This is a really interesting article written by Greg Haberek about approaching the business aspects of making music with an open-mind, instead of viewing creativity and success as two mutually exclusive things.

Why do you think most fans are resistant to bands they like “selling out” when they have been following them since before they broke out, than they are to liking artists who are already successful when they discover them?




3 thoughts on “Your Band Is Your Business

  1. I feel that most fans are resistant to the bands they like “selling out”, not because of the fact that the band is now at a successful point in their career, or any other possible reason except for the fact that when a band “sells out”, their sound normally changes drastically. It’s good to have change, but if you change too much, you might stray away from what brought your fans to you in the first place. You have to have the perfect balance. Very interesting article!

  2. If a band is good they may find success but the business end of it is what allows them to keep creating their music or to be heard in the first place. Is evolving one’s music selling out from their original sound or is it necessary to keep up with the times? I’m not terribly into music but the most successful bands I’ve noticed stay true to the music the fans expect to hear.

  3. When a band has a small following and you are a part of it, there’s definitely a sense of ownership that comes with being there early. Something about that sense of ownership is violated when a band makes it big. You have to wonder whether these people like the band because they’re good, or popular.

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