New Pictures

We played at Dirty Dog last week with our friends in Bandhaus. Lots of fun, and Terry Jarrell was kind enough to take a few pictures. I think she took some really artistic shots, what do you think?

Turncloak – Dirty Dog 2-25-14

Check it out and check out her other photography at her facebook page..

Terry Jarrell Photography

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Show tonight at Dirty Dog, Austin, TX

We are playing a show tonight in honor of our good friend Tyler’s birth. We go on promptly at 9pm, so come out and drink with us. There will be cake. Also, there will be new songs.



mewithoutYou is coming to Austin!

I am very excited to say that mewithoutYou is coming to Austin next week, August 17th with Touche Amore! They are playing at Mohawk which happens to be my favorite venue. Super stoked. Click the link to buy tickets.

In honor of this, here is an awesome interview I found between Jonathan Bautts and Aaron Weiss (frontman of mewithoutYou) where they dive into the concept of their newest album Ten Stories. The album is (to sum it up far too briefly) about a circus train that is derailed in the mountains by an elephant, freeing all the other animals imprisoned in their cages. I highly recommend listening to and really reading into the lyrics on all of their records. Aaron Weiss is my favorite vocalist, and writes the most profoundly inspirational allegories and metaphors. Have you ever heard this band? What are your chances of going to this show?

Interview with Aaron Weiss