Welcome back emo….or did you ever leave?

Welcome back emo….or did you ever leave?

This music has always meant a lot to us, and these bands are making it cool again. Check out this cool interview with Evan Weiss from Into It, Over It


What do you think?



We are playing a show April 11th at The Annex at 1808 over on the East Side.


Not too sure on the details yet, but we are playing with a cool French band called Jean Jean jeanjean.bandcamp.com


See you there!

Your Band Is Your Business

I guess most bands don’t really approach their creative process with business in mind, but really it’s killing two birds with one stone. Work smarter not harder. This is a really interesting article written by Greg Haberek about approaching the business aspects of making music with an open-mind, instead of viewing creativity and success as two mutually exclusive things.

Why do you think most fans are resistant to bands they like “selling out” when they have been following them since before they broke out, than they are to liking artists who are already successful when they discover them?